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I LOVE this place!! I could eat their food every day!! The homemade bread the sandwiches are served on and that comes with the dips is out of this world!! I LOVE red meat but their roasted veggie sandwich is TO DIE FOR!! The Zizi's pahmahgun wrap is HUGE and devine!!! They fries are hand cut and have a special seasoning on them. I love that they aren't too salty. My only complain is they forgot the ketchup (i was out at home) for the fries but it's all good because I dipped the, in the carrot spread and tzatziki sauce.


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The food was wonderful! The pita bread was special - not your usual flat round thing, more like a bialy in shape, and they came warm. I ordered the Cigar Borek (flaky cheese-filled rolls the size of a stogey), and the Begendi Platter. The Begenbdi was soooo good, and enough for two meals - mashed smoked eggplant (like melitsanosalata), with cheese, topped with your choice of chicken or lamb slivers. I got chicken, and it came with yellow peppers and a tasty tomato sauce. Outstanding!


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Everything was really good. The lentil soup was fantastic, the combo was very good but I think a better container might help so the salads don't swim together, I asked for a few falafel and they threw it no charge even when I offered to pay, which I thought was quite gracious, Pide was nice and fresh, baklava was different than I'm used to....I'd probably pick a different dessert tbh....overall I think they did great and I'd order again


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We order from Zizi's about once a week. The food is always fresh, tasty, and delivered with care. We usually get the Chicken with Hummus, Doner Kebab Platter, or the Turkish Feta Salad. Their bread is addictive and we always save some to freeze - it reheats amazingly well and is great for dipping or eating with pasta.


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This place is fabulous. Sooo very good. I've been looking for a Middle Eastern place that delivers in my area (Lakeview, Roscoe Village, etc). I got the hummus and the vegetable sandwich and the lamb sandwich. All of which were fantastic. The sandwiches come on some homemade bread that is beyond divine.

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Great food, nice staff!

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